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Our invoicing software allows organization to reduce cost, administrative time and manual work significantly. Thereby, improving customer service and overall invoice processing time.

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EMuneem helps supermarkets, sales/service centers, stock managers & more to manage their business in a fast and digitalized way saving time and resources.

From billing to balance sheet, accounting to Customer Relationship Management, it takes care of all your needs!

It allows you to manage your entire business, using a software that you can access anytime online.

It is a multi-platform online software i.e. For Systems, Laptops, Notebooks and Mobiles to cater to multi-purpose needs of the client, anytime and anywhere. It has built-in SMS facilities, quick purchase implementation, Bill generation settings, bar code and store code generation.

One of the core features of EMuneem is Activity tracking with Password Setting which will only be under the control of the Super Administrator , providing a secure Tracking System.

It produces full store and Billing and SMS reports on Excel Sheets.

EMuneem is specifically designed to be user friendly and cater to multiple types of businesses.

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